May 1, 2011

Channeling Your Future Self

Channeling Your Future Self DL Zeta

Your future self provides one of the most valuable forms of feedback you
can receive. If your future self is able to connect with you in
consciousness, this is proof you are taking steps in your present moment
to develop a wise and advanced future "you." This future "you" is able
to offer guidance and reassurance that the steps you are taking in your
present moment are aligned with your spiritual purpose. In this way,
your future self is a wise source of comfort and assurance.

In addition to providing important feedback, your future self is able to
bring you information and guidance for your present moment. Much of this
information arrives in the form of "channeled" information. Channeled
information is received into your consciousness as "energetic downloads"
that your conscious mind over time learns to translate into words,
images, concepts and inventions. You may experience these downloads as
moments of sudden insight and inspiration, or as the arrival of
previously unknown information into your consciousness. This information
may arrive through different "channels," including automatic writing,
conscious or unconscious verbal "trance" channeling visionary art and
energy healing. These are just a few ways in which you might experience
these downloads.

Those who receive channeled information often identify the source of the
material as coming from beyond themselves. However, in many cases,
channeled information arrives in one's consciousness as the direct
result of bringing one's energetic vibration into resonance with an
advanced future aspect of one's being. This communion with your future
self might take place on the subconscious level - or if your conscious
mind and that of your future self are aware and awake, you will both
consciously recognize the exchange that is taking place.

It is important to note that these downloads and exchanges can take
place whether you are consciously aware of them are not. If your
conscious mind or ego is firmly in control, it will claim credit for the
ideas and information you receive from your other "selves." If your ego
believes itself to be limited in terms of its capabilities, it may
choose to identify this channeled information as coming from an entity
or being totally outside the self. If your ego is in a state of
surrender to your spiritual purpose, it will humbly recognize the
guidance and assistance it receives from other aspects of your being.

Your Future Self and the Akashic Records

One of the gifts you can receive through conscious communion with your
future self is greater access to the "future Akashics." The Akashic
Records are the etheric library that houses knowledge of all that ever
has been or will be. This library contains all events and responses
concerning consciousness in all realities that exist within the universe.

Whenever you align with aspects of your self that exist in other
locations within the time/space continuum, you become more powerfully
focused in consciousness. This powerful focus allows greater access to
the knowledge contained within the Universal or Cosmic Mind. It is this
access to the records of all time that make clairvoyance and all forms
of psychic perception possible.

Your Future Self Holds the Key to Your Life Purpose

Your future self holds the "roadmap" for the path of spiritual
development that stretches before you. By tuning into your own future
consciousness, you are able to download this map, which provides you
with the next step on your spiritual path.

This self can help you see how events unfolding in your present moment
are helping you grow and expand. Because your future self has already
traveled the stretch of life experience you are presently traveling, it
can help you better understand your life purpose as it is unfolding
within your present moment even though they may feel challenging and
difficult at the moment. As a wise guide and mentor, your future self
can help guide you to each new step on your journey of becoming. It can
help you attune to the higher vision of each person, event and situation
that arrives in your life.

Excerpt from Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as
Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

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